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I'll settle for boozy old Farrell any day

COLIN Farrell used to be a hell-raising, binge-drinking, serial-dating caricature of the boozy Irishman, who even indulged in a bit of home-made porn. And while always a supremely talented actor, he came across as a bit of a mess.

But now, after a few years on the dry, and having by the sounds of it spent a decent chunk of that time on a psychiatrist's couch, Colin gave an interview in which he talked about the importance of stories -- "We can get confused by the overwhelming emotion stories inspire in us, and by giving life the context it deserves through story, then the truth can be experienced and reflected" -- and allowed himself a bit of introspection -- "I find it hard to objectify myself for my own journey."

Is it just me, but listening to this ridiculous, self-indulgent psycho babble, don't we long for the beery, sex-tape-making Colin?