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I'll set record straight with Paul... but I don't fancy him, says Callan


Oliver Callan. Photo: David Conachy

Oliver Callan. Photo: David Conachy

Oliver Callan. Photo: David Conachy

THEY once went head-to-head in a Dublin pub.

But comedian Oliver Callan has said GAA star Paul Galvin does not float his boat.

It was following an angry confrontation with the Kerry player in Kehoe's pub on South Anne Street more than a year ago and allegations of homophobia that the RTE mimic decided to come out about his sexuality.

However, he has now revealed that he has never been sexually attracted to the sports star.

"Paul is straight and definitely not my type. Rugged, tattooed, angry, tight-trouser-wearing men are not for me.

"The kind of men I'm attracted to have to be funny in some way, and not take themselves too seriously.

"How often do you see a picture of Paul Galvin laughing?" Oliver Callan asked the Herald.

But the 32-year-old said he wants to have better relations with Galvin, whom he has relentlessly targeted in his comedy skits.

"It's over a year ago since all this happened, so I plan on contacting Paul. I want a private word with him to set the record straight. The police were called, and I want him to know I didn't call them," said Callan about the events of November 2011, which gardai later decided was not worth pursuing.