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I'll quit for US if I can't make it here, says Katie

RTE presenter Katie van Buren has revealed how she hopes to make it abroad if opportunities dry up at home.

The 23-year-old broadcaster joined RTE last year to host the teenage programme The Rumour Room and she's now at the helm of entertainment show Juice.

Katie told the Herald she felt "very lucky" to have found work in such a tough economy -- but admitted she would emigrate if she had to.


"I'm from New York originally, I moved to Ireland when I was three years old so I've grown up in Dublin but I have American citizenship and I've always wanted to work there," the striking brunette said.

"I want to spend a year in the States at some point, work abroad and see how I get on there, but I'm not sure I'll do it in the near future."

She added: "The climate is very tough -- the media industry was always very difficult even before the recession -- but I try to stay as positive as possible."