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I'll play Electric Picnic after op - Anne

COMEDIAN Anne Gildea has vowed to be back performing with The Nualas at the Electric Picnic this September after she undergoes reconstructive surgery on her breast.

The 44-year-old, who had a mastectomy in 2012 after battling breast cancer, joined band-mates Sue Collins and Maria Tecce on the comedy stage at the Forbidden Fruit Music Festival at the weekend for her last show before the surgery.

"We got a great reception from the crowd, but I'll be laughing myself after I get through my surgery and join the other girls at the Electric Picnic," Anne said.

The comedy writer, who spoke about her battle with breast cancer in 2012 RTE documentary, Breast Cancer: No Laughing Matter revealed the difficult procedure that lay ahead.


"It's a long operation – it will take about seven or eight hours. I'll be in hospital for a week afterwards and then it will take me several weeks to recuperate," said Gildea

Last month she spoke of her relief after DNA tests revealed she was not the carrier of the inherited genetic mutation BRCA cancer gene, dubbed 'the Angelina Gene'.

Gildea had waited five months for the results of checks that detect the cancer gene which increases the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

The gene made headlines worldwide last month after Oscar-winning film star Angelina Jolie revealed how she had undergone a double mastectomy after learning she had inherited the faulty gene.