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I'll never quit radio for TV says Mairead

TODAY FM star Mairead Farrell claims she could never leave her post working alongside Ray D'Arcy in favour of a career on the small screen -- as it would be like abandoning her mum.

The chatty broadcaster, who has been working alongside Kildare man Ray for almost a decade, has just landed a starring role on RTE's second instalment of comedy series, The Republic Of Telly.

The mum-of-one will join her pal and comedian Neil Delamere, who fronts the show, in the studio each week to fill viewers in on showbiz gossip, as well as uncovering the secrets of modern Ireland.

However, Mairead is adamant that her blossoming TV career will not spell the end for her life on the radio, as she says that is where her heart ultimately lies.

"I love doing TV work and of course working with Neil is a real bonus because we're very friendly after doing the Panel together over the years," she told the Herald.

"But, to be honest, I have my day-to-day job with Today FM and I love radio because you have your finger on the pulse all the time, so I have no plans to leave it, even if they were knocking my door down with TV presenting jobs, which they're not. Television is too uncertain. Look at all the talented presenters out there vying for jobs at the moment.

"It's a very difficult industry and RTE has tons of really great female stars to choose from.

"I prefer to do a bit of everything instead and take the opportunities when they're given to me.

"Besides, Ray could never cope without me and I would hate to leave him. Sure he's like my mammy at this stage.

"When you're working together on radio every day, you really get to know someone and we're great friends," she added.