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I'll miss Irish pals so much, says Tara ahead of move to London

ACTRESS Tara Leniston is ditching our shores for a move to London, the Herald can reveal.

After revealing her battle with postnatal depression following the birth of her 13-month old son Dylan, the blonde beauty is keen to spend more time with her family, some of whom live in London.

With her family scattered across the globe, Tara said she was keen to plant some roots near her sister and father, who both live in England.

Tara, fiance Andrew Fowler and little Dylan will be making the move across the water before the summer, and are currently tying up loose ends here.

And Tara admitted that she feels indebted to her 'Irish family' who supported her during her post natal depression.

"It's not that I am not happy to go to London as my sister lives there and my father lives there, there are more job opportunities for actresses over there and it will be an adventure," she said.

"It's just that I have moved my whole life and I had to fight when I moved back to Ireland. I didn't know anyone, I had to make friends again and I had to have a baby in a place where I had no family and no family support network.

"But in the time I have lived here I have made life-long best friends who have been my support.


"They are my Irish family, who pop in for tea and come for Sunday roasts, walks in the park."

And she said that she is expecting to struggle as she returns to the UK, but is excited for the "adventure" which lies ahead.

"I know London will be full of fun and adventure and I am delighted to be near my sister again, but I will be leaving such a big part of me behind."