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I'll hook up with Kerry Rose for final - Dub Siobheal

DUBLIN Rose Siobheal Nic Eochaidh (22) is planning on joining the Kerry Rose to see their respective teams in the All-Ireland final.

Siobheal watched the Blues beat Donegal while sitting beside their Rose Maria McCole. And she's hoping she can repeat the same trick for the All-Ireland alongside Kerry Rose Sile Ni Dheargain in two weeks.

"I have to say I thought Donegal were going to do it. I was sitting beside the Donegal Rose Maria and for the second half. I was on the edge of my seat. It was a great result," she said.

After watching Dublin's 0-8 to 0-6 All-Ireland semi-final victory over Donegal, she was straight on to Kerry fan Sile setting up a date for All-Ireland Sunday. "I texted Sile (inset) after the match and told her I was looking forward to the final. She replied that I better be ready for a party."

Like thousands of Dublin fans, Siobheal is crossing her fingers that she might be able to get her hands on a ticket.

"I used to go to the Hill all the time so I don't care where I get a ticket for if I'm lucky enough to get one," she told the Herald.

Siobheal, from Clondalkin, whose dancing during the Rose of Tralee has gone viral on the web, said she has no regrets about the dance and said her fellow Blues fans were supportive. "I met some girls and they were lovely to me. I have bad hearing, so if anyone said anything bad, I wouldn't have heard them," she laughed.

Even US celebrity blogger Perez Hilton put the clip on his site. "My sister rang me about Perez Hilton and I was afraid to look at it. But when I did it wasn't that bad at all," said Siobheal.