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I'll emigrate if I can't get job - Diana

RTE 2 presenter Diana Bunici has revealed that she will only join the trend of emigration if she can't land a top TV job here in the New Year.

The Elev8 presenter says her show will be coming to an end in May and, with major cuts expected to RTE programmes, she doesn't know if it will be back again.

The Lucan native is hosting the second series of the daily children's programme, but says she has no idea if Montrose bosses will bring the show back for another season.

Diana (22) told the Diary that she will know the future of the show in April.

She says she really doesn't want to move country again, after moving with her entire family from Moldova at the age of eight.

"I'm still working on Elev8 and it's going well but the show will go off air in May. RTE will make their decision in April so I will know then if it's coming back in September. If the show ended then I would love to get into documentaries.

"I would make the move to London only if I really really, really had to, if there was no options here. I really like being at home and being with my family and friends.

"I've had the experience of moving from one place to another already so it would be nice to just stay here in the same place for a while.

"I'm going to Moldova in February, I'm kind of returning because I haven't been back in a couple of years," she said.