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I'll be the style awards diva... with loads of dress changes

THE highlight of my week was launching the VIP Style Awards -- especially since I already know what I'm going to wear on the big night.

Everything has been a bit hectic since I got back from the Oscars. I did a lot of interviews while I was in Los Angeles so I've been editing, editing, editing. I'll barely have the time to get myself together for the awards in two weeks' time, but luckily I managed to pick up a gorgeous dress in LA.

I loved spending time over there.

I caught up with Colin Farrell and Amy Huberman and I got to meet Steven Spielberg and Michelle Williams at the Oscar Wilde Party, it was so much fun.

It's great being over there because I always bump into celebrities; I was walking down the street and just randomly saw Drew Barrymore coming out of a shop.

I launched the VIP Style Awards this week and I can't wait to co-present this year.

I had heard rumours over the past few weeks that Keith Duffy would be hosting the show with me but I only found out for definite this week and I was delighted.

I did the mini-marathon with his wife Lisa last year, we chatted with each other for the first three kilometres and we got on really well, they are both really lovely.

Keith is really funny and a great actor as we know from Corrie so I'm excited to be working with him.

I bought an amazing BCBG dress because it was the only shop I wasn't too nervous to go into on Rodeo Drive and everything in there was gorgeous.

But I think I might be a complete diva this year and do a few costume changes and wear a couple of different dresses on the night. We are going to be filming from about midday and the whole event will be televised so I think I'm allowed a few wardrobe changes throughout the show.

And I won't be the only one in the house trying to look glamorous on the night. My boyfriend John [McGuire] is up for a style award.

He wouldn't admit that he is happy about it but he definitely is. He has great style. He never needs help with that side of things.

I'm the one panicking. I'm working out with my personal trainer Alan Byrne so I can fit into a nice dress and then I've hired Courtney Smith to be my stylist for the night, so she will be putting everything together.

Speaking of John, everyone has been talking about how heroic he is after he held down a thief at a pharmacy a few weeks ago.

I'm really happy for him that he has got the recognition but it's funny, just days after that happened we were going for a walk when these two 12-year-old girls lost their puppy, and ran into oncoming traffic and they started crying, then I was crying because we all thought the puppy was going to die and then John just ran into traffic and saved it. I was thinking, 'God one day you stop a criminal, the next you're saving a puppy', so I'm definitely a lucky girl, I feel safe with John in my life.

Today I'm heading over to Manchester to visit the set of Coronation Street.

I did it last year and I loved it, it's great to interview the cast and head to the Rovers for a pint.

Once I'm back I will be in full preparation for the Style Awards. I was gutted to find out that one of my best friend's hen party is on the same night, though, so I have no idea what I'm going to do.

I might dash straight there after the show, or else I'll have to miss the party and meet up with the girls in the morning.

I also need to start eating healthy and get really serious with my training. I'm doing this year's mini marathon for Cystic Fibrosis Ireland and I want to be as fit as possible.