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I'll be on screen right until baby arrives, vows Anna

YOU'VE got to hand it to Anna Daly; the TV star and mum is one hard worker.

The 33-year-old model has revealed that she plans on punching that clock right to the end of her pregnancy.

"Of course I'll work all the way to the end," she told The Diary.

"I'm due at the end of March so I'll work until the beginning of that month. I want to work for as long as I can, just like I did with my first pregnancy."

The Ireland AM presenter announced she was expecting her second child at the National Ploughing Championships last month.

Anna always wanted two children and feels her family will be complete with the new arrival.

But Anna admitted that her early morning shifts on Ireland AM hadn't been the easiest to deal with.

"I had a few hairy moments at the beginning of the pregnancy, when I wasn't feeling the best. It's very early in the morning. We're in here at four in the morning. So it's tough. But I'm 15 weeks gone now. So I've entered a nicer stage, the middle trimester, it's nice because you're not feeling as sick. It feels good and it's a more manageable stage of the pregnancy."

The TV3 star, who married partner Ben Ward in an intimate family ceremony in Portugal in 2008, gave birth to her first baby James Scott Ward 13 months ago.

Anna returned to work six months after she had given birth. "To be honest, I felt like I was never gone," she told The Diary.

And the proud mum is thrilled that James will have a little brother or sister to play with but says he's still a little too young to really understand the whole pregnancy thing.

"My son doesn't know I'm pregnant, he's too young. He probably just thinks I'm getting fatter," Anna said. The blonde beauty got back in shape after her first pregnancy by going to Pilates Plus classes and walking regularly.

Speaking at the launch of Ireland AM's new revamp. Anna admitted it took a year for her to settle in with the rest of the presenters. "I've been on the show for four years. And if I'm honest, it took about a year to settle in. You have to learn everything and you're learning on the job."

Even when she's on maternity leave, Anna says she will be glued to Ireland AM.

"I'll be watching the show when I'm on maternity leave. You can't help but tune in to see what's going on."