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I'll be hitting the gym before risque Playboy shoot, says Rosanna

Rosanna Davison is looking forward to more gym time ahead of her upcoming Playboy shoot.

The Dublin model will peel off her clothes in four months time for her most risque shoot to date.

Rosie will be keeping her trim figure in check over the Christmas break as she is set to pose for Hugh Hefner's magazine early in the New Year.

"The Playboy shoot isn't out until next February and won't be shot until early in the New Year," she said. The model added how it would give her "plenty more gym time" to prepare for the shoot.

The Herald columnist was asked to pose for Playboy Europe for its Spring 2012 edition, having previously turned down offers to pose for the saucy mag. It will be a huge boost to her career internationally and should net her a big-money pay-out as well.

Rosanna said that her parents, Diana and Chris de Burgh, and boyfriend Wes Quirke, are 100pc behind her decision. She will be filmed in the run-up to the shoot for a one-off TV documentary.

"Everything is still being worked out but the shoot is coming up very soon and it will be somewhere very hot and tropical, thank goodness. I'm really excited about it," she said. And she has defended her decision to reveal all in the men's mag, saying how she wants it to be "classy" and tastefully done.


"It's my career and my decision. But ultimately, when I'm old and wrinkly, I'll have shots like these to look back on. I'm a big believer in taking opportunities in life and pushing boundaries," she added.

Rosanna first sprang into the limelight after winning the Miss World title in 2003 and has become one of our most successful beauties.

A graduate of Arts from UCD, she's now back studying bio-medicine and nutrition in college.