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I'll be a crap grandad, says Bob ... but it'll be nice to see a baby boy

BOB Geldof has revealed he thinks he'll be a "crap grandfather".

The Live Aid fundraiser and former Boomtown Rats frontman confessed to RTE presenter Ryan Tubridy that, while he's delighted for his pregnant daughter Peaches, who is due to give birth in a week, he doesn't rate himself in the fun grandparent stakes.

"I know I'm supposed to say I'm wildly excited because then everyone will go 'Ah', and if I don't they'll say 'You ba*tard.

"I can't do nappies and whingeing again, I'll be the crappest grandfather because I don't go fishing, I don't play football, I just grump around the place complaining about everything," a smiling Geldof said.

His daughter Peaches (23) is expecting a baby boy, which will be a change for 60-year-old Geldof. He is father to four daughters -- Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches, Pixie and Tiger Lilly, who is the daughter of Geldof's former late wife Paula Yates and her late partner Michael Hutchence.

"It's cool, because all I've known are girl babies and that. So I'll have to get all sort of ... macho and take them to the pub and things like that, I don't really do all that stuff."


Bob insisted that he was a big fan of Peaches' other half, musician fiance Thomas Cohen (21).

"It's great for Peaches, she's thrilled and excited and he's a great guy, so that's a really good thing. I always prefer my daughters' boyfriends to them ... they always seem to be nicer people." He also joked that he had requested that his daughters' boyfriends call him Sir Bob in the past. And he explained that he wouldn't be dishing out parental advice to Peaches when her little addition arrives, or to her sister, 21-year-old Pixie.

"No, they're women now, it's odd but they are -- and they're women to the max. She's having a baby, you kind of think 'Jesus that's young', but actually I'm kind of for that, all in all, I think it's great.

"They live in the East of London, I live in the South.

"I am available occasionally to do the babysitting."