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I'll always be a Dub. I want to come home and have babies, says worldwide star Imelda

SONGSTRESS Imelda May says that being brought up in inner city Dublin's The Liberties inspired her to pursue her music career -- and she'll settle in Dublin eventually.

The glamorous brunette, who grew up around the corner from The Script's Mark Sheehan, says that despite the poverty and high crime-rates that befall the area, it will always be home to her.

Imelda (35) says that she shares an extremely close bond with her family and told the Herald she will never forget her roots or lose her accent.

"It has its problems, of course it does," she says of the area. "But what inner city area doesn't? What people don't read about in the papers is the amazing sense of community and closeness there is among all the residents there.

"The people of the Liberties are the hardest-working, most decent bunch of people I know. They never forget their own and it's them who were there for me and supported me before I ever started to make a name for myself.


"That's how people like me and the guys from the Script and Sarah Morrissey and lots more have done so well, you have to remember where you came from.

"I love going home and I miss my family terribly when I'm on the road.

I'm definitely a homebird. You could never take it out of me. I'll always be a Dub through and through and I don't want to lose that," she added.

The down-to-earth singer says that she and her husband, Darrel Higham, the guitarist in her band, are currently saving to buy their first home together and plan to settle back in the capital eventually.

According to Imelda: "I would absolutely love to move back to Dublin. I would like to buy a property here if I can. We don't actually own anywhere ourselves at the moment so we're saving every penny we have while we're away on tour and we'll buy somewhere in the next year or two.

"I want to have babies, a big family the whole lot. I'm 35 now so I'd probably want to hurry up.

"I don't think now would be the right time to get pregnant though or have a child. It wouldn't be fair on them when we don't have a proper base anywhere," she added.

Since moving to Britain to pursue a career in the limelight several years ago, blues-inspired singer Imelda has seen her career go from strength to strength.

Last month saw the star take to the stage at the star-studded Grammy awards in the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, where she wowed US audiences with her performance alongside renowned artist Jeff Beck.

Together, the pair performed a Les Paul Tribute.

"It was absolutely amazing, I did feel like it was all a bit of a dream," she said. "I mean I was in a queue beside Pink to get my picture taken.

"To be playing at such a prestigious event with legends like Leonard Cohen and Tony Bennett in the audience was the best feeling.

"I tried not to let myself think about the size of the audience or the importance of the occasion beforehand.

"It's really all kicked off in the States since then. We've had so many calls and bookings. I'm going to stay over there for the next few weeks and then it's on to Australia after that. I won't be home again for a few months," she added.

Imelda paid a whirlwind visit to her hometown of Dublin yesterday to officially launch the iPhone from Vodafone.

The product will be available on the Vodafone network from March 25 and to celebrate Imelda played an intimate performance at city centre venue, Odessa last night.