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Iggy Pop voted 'worst face'

Rock veteran Iggy Pop is more "Icky" Pop, according to a new survey.

The lithe Lust For Life singer has landed the dubious honour of being named as the celebrity people think has the "worst" face.

Pop - the face of Swiftcover insurance in recent months - finished just ahead of Jodie Marsh in a poll for www.goodsurgeonguide.co.uk .

Donatella Versace was placed third in the survey of more than 1,300 people surveyed who were asked which celebrity they thought had the "worst face".

The poll also found that many placed looks over achievements.

Almost two-fifths of those questioned (39%) admitted they respected beautiful celebrities more than successful celebrities.

Christiana Clogg, founder of The Good Surgeon Guide, said: "It is sad to think that some people value appearance more so than talents and achievements."

Top 10 worst faces according to the Good Surgeon Guide poll

1. Iggy Pop

2. Jodie Marsh

3. Donatella Versace

4. David Gest

5. Cher

6. Pete Burns

7. Mickey Rourke

8. Jackie Stallone

9. Janice Dickinson

10. Melanie Griffith

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