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I'd try Tinder if I was single - Angela





Stylist and presenter Angela Scanlon has admitted that she would try the popular dating app Tinder if she was single.

The newly-married Meath native is open-minded when it comes to dating in the 21st century. And she said she would try Tinder - a matchmaking social app - if she wasn't already hitched.

"Ah yeah I'd definitely give it a go if I wasn't married, it looks like great fun," she told the Herald.

"We have this idea that meeting a person in the pub is normal but really you don't have a notion what they're about, especially if it's some weird guy drooling on you in a club - sometimes I think Tinder would be more appealing than that."

Angela (29) presents a new four-part series on RTE2 called Full Frontal, which starts tonight at 9.30pm, and said she was surprised at how open people were on the show.

"Obviously online dating is a very rich territory at the moment with an amazing cross section of people, but people were so open and so confident and they weren't afraid to talk about what they're doing - they weren't ashamed at all," she said.


"People spoke about everything from dating to fitness and their bodies - some of which are extreme - their sexuality, their sex lives, the amount of stuff they do in preparation every morning," she said.

"Their honesty was so refreshing because I think in Ireland we're always conscious that our granny or our neighbours will see us on the telly."

In tonight's episode, Angela looks at Ireland's attitudes to nudity and heads to a naturist congress in Drumshanbo.

"In the first episode, I went to the International Naturist Congress in Leitrim - it was the most-mind boggling thing because it seemed like the most ridiculous place to have it but it was brilliant," she said.

"I was so worried I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face and that I'd be giggling like a teenager but after a few minutes, it's just normal and you don't see it any more."

Angela also admitted that she was surprised at how open Rosanna Davison (inset left) was about her nude cover shoot for Playboy.

"Rosanna was absolutely brilliant - she's got a really wild side and a brilliant sense of humour," Angela said.

"She was so honest about it and spoke really openly about the shoot. She's the first Irish woman to pose for Playboy, which is quite a big thing so it was brilliant to have her on the show."