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I'd never go for Tallafornia, says bunny girl Louise

PLAYBOY bunny Louise Kavanagh may be used to hopping around Hugh Hefner's Mayfair club wearing little more than a corset -- but she believes that's classier than Tallafornia.

She has revealed that there's "no chance" she would throw her hat into the ring for season two of the raunchy TV3 show.

The party-loving 25-year-old, who's been back from London for two months now, has admitted that the show is too risque, even for her.

The bikini model has caught up on several episodes of the show since she's been home and said she was left gobsmacked at some of the stars' drunken debauchery and shameless flashing.

"I really don't think it's my bag, no. It would be a step too far," she said. "I don't want my drunken nights out to be filmed and then forever immortalised on a TV show. I like to forget them as soon as they happen! I'm not slagging any of them off, fair play to them and everything, but it's not for me."


And the former Miss Universe Ireland finalist, who once dated Andy Quirke, has revealed how she's currently single -- and ready to mingle.

In good news for her Irish fans, she added how she would definitely prefer a local lad to a British guy, having spent more than a year over there.

"Definitely after being in London and seeing the way the scene works over there, I would definitely prefer an Irish guy. Guys in London are just a little too up themselves for my liking," she continued.

"I'd like a nice Irish guy who's humble, who you can have a bit of banter with and doesn't take themselves too seriously and is good fun. Looks definitely attract you to someone but it's their personality that makes you stay with them."

She added how being a Playboy Bunny can go against her when it comes to finding a nice boyfriend. "Some guys like it, as it's something they can brag to their mates about, but they're generally not the kind you'd go for," she added.

Since coming home, she has been kept busy with her DJ work and will this evening take centre stage in Bucks Townhouse for the launch of new club night Nocturne.

She'll be joined there by pals Karena Graham, Hayley Ryan and Michele McGrath and said how despite the recession, she's thrilled to be home.

"It sounds cheesy but people in Ireland are definitely more friendly and want to help each other out. Over in London, you're a lot more on your own. London is also really expensive, it's so hard to make a living," she added.

She's also still on the books of Assets model agency but admitted that she has seen a slowdown in the industry since before she left.

"To be honest, it's good to branch out and do something different like DJ-ing so you can have something else to fall back on. I don't still want to be posing in my bikini on Grafton Street when I'm 30," she said.