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I'd love to shoot movie here with pal Colin, reveals Jason

HOLLYWOOD A-lister Jason Bateman has revealed he hopes to shoot a movie in Ireland after working with Colin Farrell.

The actor, best known for his hilarious roles in Horrible Bosses, Couples Retreat and The Break Up, enjoyed a whirlwind trip to Dublin yesterday for the premiere of The Change Up.

Jason (right) revealed that he would love to spend more time in Ireland and follow in the footsteps of The Hangover crew, who are hoping to shoot the third installment in Dublin soon.

"I've been here for 24 hours and I got to look around a bit but I would have loved to stay longer. I brought my three-year-old daughter with me and she really enjoyed it here too."

Another reason the pal of Jennifer Aniston might be looking to film over here is to meet up with his former co-star Colin.

Jason said he met him on the set of Horrible Bosses and thought he was a great comedy actor.

"I did a film called Horrible Bosses with Colin Farrell and he was hilarious. He was really great on set, I loved how he played his character. I'd really like to work with him again," he revealed.