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I'd love to move to Italy and start family with rugby beau - Michele

MICHELE McGrath has admitted that she hopes to settle down with her rugby player boyfriend and move to Italy full-time so she can raise a family.

The TV regular told the Diary that she is planning on moving over to Italy full-time with boyfriend of two years, Welsh rugby player Mark Siddons. Michele visits Mark in Rome every second week and admits that she would like to set up home there one day when the pair tie the knot.

"I'm just off to see my boyfriend in Italy whenever I can. He lives in Rome, it's stunning over, there I love it. Maybe in a couple of years I would move over there. I couldn't move at the moment because I don't speak the language.

"But I'd like to think that if I settled and got married and had babies then I'd like to move to Italy. I could have a nice life over there. And I've picked up bits of Italian while I have been over there the last two years," she said. But the leggy model, who presents fashion segments on behalf of dress.ie on Ireland Am and Xpose, admitted that she would like to expand her career first before finally settling down for good.

"Obviously I want to focus on work for now. Thank God, I'm kept busy all the time. I'd love to do a full-time job like that, I've always wanted to do TV presenting, but you never know what's around the corner," she said.