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I'd love to have twins, says Daithi's wife Rita

WATCH out Daithi, your wife has big plans.

Former Rose of Tralee contestant Rita O Se says she would love to have a set of bouncing baby twins when she and Daithi start their own family.

"I'd love to have twins. I'd be happy with as many as we have. Maybe two or three," she said.

But Daithi says it may be some time before they have twins or triplets on their hands.

"Oh yes, it's on the cards," he says. "But we haven't decided when it will happen. But it is something we both want."

The couple have just celebrated their first wedding anniversary and Daithi says it's been non-stop baby talk since the honey moon.

"When I did publicity for RTEjr," he says, "I met with the journalists afterwards and said to them, 'Now lads, just two things: I'm not sure when the Today show is coming back and she's not pregnant'."

The couple first met in 2008 when Rita appeared as a contestant on the annual Kerry-based pageant.



"He was the judge, I was the Rose," Rita says.

"It was only some months after that we initially got in contact with each other."

Ladies man Daithi wooed Rita via Facebook and turned to that silver-tongued charmer John Creedon for lessons in love.

"I remember talking to John Creedon, who was my love guru at the time," Daithi said. "He said that slow burners can be the one."

With John's words of wisdom ringing in his ears, Daithi arranged his first date with Rita. The two met in New York for dinner back in 2009.

After a romantic dinner, the couple spent a week in Washington DC.

"I brought him home to meet my mom," Rita says. "Her first question was 'why didn't my daughter win the Rose of Tralee?'"

And in 2011 Daithi popped the question. "It was a rainy day and Daithi said 'let's go for a walk'," Rita told The RTE Guide.

"I said it's raining but we went anyway. I was surprised when he got down on one knee in a puddle."

The couple now live in Salthill in Galway but have returned to New Jersey for their anniversary.