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I'd Love to Hate Aoibhinn over her perfect posterior -- Sile

SILE Seoige has admitted that she suffers "bum envy" when it comes to the leading ladies in RTE's hot TV series Love/Hate.

Sile (33) is a big fan of the hit RTE show and must have been surprised when she received a fake tweet from “King Nidge” on Sunday night.

The fake twitter account, Nidge Official, claims to air the gangster boss’s thought and opinions. The account states that Nidge “loves his dazzler” and will “bury you in the mountains if you cross me or Darren”.

On Sunday the fake tweeter asked sultry Sile if she has a crush on characters Trish or Georgina.

"If you had to have a woman crush would you choose Trish of Georgina?" Nidge wrote.

Sile replied that the show was spoilt for choice with beautiful women and she was suffering from serious "bum envy".

In last Sunday's episode, actress Aoibhinn McGinnity, who plays Nidge's wife Trish, showed off her pert posterior.

Her character paraded around the couple's bedroom wearing lacy French knickers and a bra before hopping into bed with Nidge, who had managed to seduce her by giving her what all women want -- a black valour tracksuit. And they say romance is dead.

Watching the episode, Sile tweeted the “Nidge Official” saying she thought she was the only one with a "trackie" and that he was no longer her favourite character now she's realised he "only has eyes for Georgina".

Eve Macklin plays the part of Dano's wife, Georgina, who Nidge has taken a liking to.

Sile is known for her funny and forward tweets. Last year, she made headlines when she claimed she was enjoying watching pop starlet Kylie on stage so much that she became sexually aroused during her concert.

"I may regret this tweet but I think I just came at the Kylie gig... seriously... that good," she tweeted.

At the time, Sile received criticism for her tweet but the sultry brunette defended her comments.

"I had to laugh. It was pretty funny, really, and most people got what I was doing and saw it in the spirit it was meant. I have no problem with what I wrote, what can I say?"

Last week, Sile revealed she had split with Kim Burrows. Kim had been hugely supportive of Sile during her battle with thyroid cancer and the broadcaster said the split was amicable.

And it looks like Sile is enjoying her single Sunday nights in with Love/Hate.