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I'd love to come home... but only if I meet perfect Irishman, says Amanda

TV beauty Amanda Byram has revealed how she would love to come home to Dublin -- if she met her ideal Irishman.

The presenter, who split from fiance Craig McMullen in January, said she could see herself putting down roots in her home town in the near future.

"I would love to come back, have always said 'never say never'. For me, it's about a moment in time and where I am in a specific moment. If I met a nice Irish man, I'd come home and settle down," she told the Herald.

"I've got a great relationship with RTE, I have always done guest slots for them and taken meetings before about shows and there was a time I was going to come back.

"There's a couple of shows on now that I was going to talk to them about doing. But Total Wipeout has always been my first port of call."

She added: "I miss Irish people and the sentiment of being Irish and the funny thing is, I got home more often when I lived in LA than I do now I'm in London."

And despite the recent split, which she blamed on them working in different countries, she is bearing up well.

"I'm in a really happy and contented place with myself at the moment," she continued.

As well as starting a new show on Sky Living 1 called Don't Stop Me Now, she has also thrown herself into a tough sporting challenge.

The globe-trotting presenter was back home in Dublin for the weekend as she kicked off the start of her gruelling Sports Relief challenge.

She's part of a team competing against England, Scotland and Wales as they run, row and cycle their way over a 1,600km course.

Team members include RTE's Craig Doyle, Shane Byrne and Diarmuid Gavin -- but Amanda reckons she and Sonia O'Sullivan are the fittest.

She has been busy training with British Military Fitness after panicking about her performance.

"I'm so competitive, which is why I'm so surprised that I genuinely haven't had time to train as much as I should be. I want to win this so badly," she continued. "I got asked to do it when I was in Argentina and thought 'that's great, I have two months to prepare, it's easy'.

"Then I got home and work started going completely mental and I haven't trained that much at all. I'll be doing 90 minutes of rowing straight as well as cycling 50 miles a day and running six miles to the cycle section each day.

"It is a serious race and I don't want to injure myself, although I probably will because I'm the clumsiest person you'll ever meet. I'll probably be in a wheelchair by the end of it."

Her new TV show hit the small screens last night and she described it as a mixture between Britain's Got Talent and Total Wipeout.

"It's just too much fun and is basically a talent show mixed with a game show, it's a hybrid between the two and there's €29,000 at stake every night," she said.

"Every night there's a winner and it's the audience that decide who goes through, not a panel of judges, so they all have these keypads to vote on the comedians, singers and variety performers."