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I'd love to adopt a child from a poor country -- Nadia

Model Nadia Forde has revealed she would love to adopt a child from a developing country in the future.

The blonde beauty (21) told the Diary how a recent holiday to Thailand with her longtime beau, FM104 DJ Mark Noble, pulled at her heartstrings, and put in her mind the idea of giving an underprivileged child a better life.

The beauty queen is adamant, however, that she and Mark are not ready to add children to the equation just yet.

"I think it's a great opportunity to give someone in need better opportunities and a real chance to improve a child's life.

"It's all a long way away now though. We're happy as we are for the moment," she added.

Meanwhile Nadia, who balanced her career as one of Assets' busiest models with studying for a qualification in PR earlier this year, explained how she has no intention of giving up her career on the catwalk now that she's received her qualification.

According to the leggy beauty: "I don't really know if the PR industry is something I want to get into straight away.

"I definitely want to keep an interest in it but I'm not going to be running away from working as a model anytime soon."