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I'd love a shot at afternoon television reveals Amanda

Amanda Byram has revealed that she wouldn't rule out working in afternoon TV in the future.

After the Herald exclusively revealed last week that RTE's Afternoon Show is potentially facing the axe, a number of famous names have been tipped as the possible host of a newly formatted version of the show.

Amanda is one of the few Irish stars to have an internationally successful presenting career, and although she is based in London, described an afternoon gig as "a lovely job".

"I didn't even hear anything about the show, I hear all the gossip when I come home," Amanda told the Herald.

"I always said I'd love to do a job like that if I was settled and living in Ireland. But I'm in London now and it's obviously a job you'd have to live in Ireland to do. When you're married with babies, it would be such a lovely job."

Although Amanda may be one of the most recognisable faces in the country, she said that she would avoid reality television.

Since hosting the live tour of Strictly Come Dancing, she said that the programme was the only one she would consider.

"I've been asked a few times to do various celebrity reality shows. The only one I would do is Strictly Come Dancing having now seen all the effort that goes into it.

"I've been there and hosted the tour, and I see how much skill it entails - and you come out of it a dancer.

"I wouldn't do the Celebrity Apprentice, the only appeal for the show is that it is for charity. I'm actually quite shy. Once I'm presenting, it's about the job. But I feel a bit awkward when it's about me and it would be all about me on a show like that," she said.

Hot off the heels of hosting the Meteors, Byram solidified her role as one of Ireland's most successful television exports when she revealed that Caroline Morahan sought her advice before moving to LA last year.

"Obviously I gave her everything I could, but I told her I didn't go out there saying, 'I'm just going to pop into an agent and see if I can get work.'

"I was just really lucky. I was in the right place at the right time," she added.