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I'd like to dress Tilda, says Pete

AWARDS season may be coming to an end Stateside, but it's only starting to heat up on this side of the Atlantic.

The IFTAS and VIP Style Awards are due to take place next month and a plethora of Irish celebrities will turn up suited and booted for the occasions.

A huge amount of attention will be on the nominees and guests, Amy Huberman and Saoirse Ronan included, when they step onto to the red carpet next month. It is the perfect excuse for designers to showcase the latest spoils from their coveted collections.

But top couturier Peter O'Brien (right) has "zero" interest in dressing anyone for the events.

The style king told the Diary that he hates togging out celebrities in his clothes, insisting it's not his style.

"I've never really been into that to be honest, it's not my kind of thing and I actually don't think what I make is too red carpet suited," he said.

"If I were to dress someone my ideal person would be the actress Tilda Swinton, she's absolutely fabulous. But other than that, I'm not pushed and I can't see myself doing it."