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I'd have more children, admits Cowell

SIMON Cowell has said he was "born to be a dad" and admitted he could have more children – even though he was worried he might prefer dogs to babies.

The music mogul (inset) told US TV he had not ruled out a brother or sister for son Eric, born on Valentine's Day.

The 54-year-old said: "I had a brother when I was younger, so I kind of think it's cool to have two or three."

But he added: "I said to [his girlfriend] Lauren beforehand, 'What if I like the dogs more than him?' But within seconds of him being born, I got it."


Cowell also told how his mother Julie was "really touched" he had named his son Eric, after his late father.

"I look at him, Eric, and I think of my dad all the time, so it's a really good thing," he added.

And he said of life since his son's birth: "Lauren's been crying more than Eric, so I've had to put one of those pacifiers in her. She has to be fed every three hours, otherwise she gets a little bit grumpy, and Eric's absolutely fine."