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I'd have done saucy Hunky Dorys ads for free -- Emma

Underwear model Emma Quinlan (26) says she has "no problem" with the risque Hunky Dorys ads -- and would have done them for free.

It's the second time the crisps company has used scantily clad woman bursting out of tiny sports gear -- and it's stirred up no small amount of controversy.

But brunette Emma has given them the thumbs-up and would relish being involved in a similar campaign. "I think they're brilliant, they're just fantastic. It's just a pity that they got Brazilian girls to do it -- I would have done it for free. I like the fact that the girls aren't really skinny, they're got curves and they look amazing. It's a bit silly the way people get upset about them," she said.

No stranger to scantily clad photo-shoots, this weekend saw Emma don her smallest fancy dress outfit to launch the Cannonball 2011 at Merrion Square.

And she didn't bat an eyelid at baring her curves in front of hundreds of car-mad fans.

"You do get the odd comment from guys going by, some of them can be nasty. It just goes over my head."

She added how she enjoyed looking at "all the cute boys" at the launch -- and singled out Boyzone crooner Shane Lynch for particular attention.

"He's looking great. I just went over and said hi," she added.