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I'd give up LA for TV job - Caroline

Caroline Morahan has admitted she would consider returning from Hollywood if she could land a permanent television job in Dublin.

The aspiring actor has failed to hit the spot since she landed in Los Angeles last year, declaring her dreams to be "the next Angelina Jolie".

But after securing just a small role in an as-yet unreleased indie film, the Dubliner has revealed that she does not see her long-term future in LA.

Instead, Caroline (33) is leaning towards a return to her previous career in television, and most likely with TV3 after RTE axed her as a presenter from Off the Rails.

"I'm just taking it one day at a time and making the most of my time in LA right now, but yes, of course I would like to and hope to work on Irish television," she said.


"It's an uncertain industry and you can't plan too much, but if the right project came up, then who knows what could come of it.

"I would definitely consider it and try to work something out if it was right, whether it meant commuting between LA and Dublin or coming back.

"I mean, I wasn't expecting to get a job on [TV3's The Cosmetic Surgery Show], and it has worked out perfectly.

"I wouldn't rule anything out in terms of work. We're living in uncertain times and there's not a lot on offer out there.

"I'm not sure yet when I'll be back. I always said I was going for a year and then we'll see what happens after that."

Caroline will present the second in the series of The Cosmetic Surgery Show, with renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr Robert Rey, star of Dr 90210, tonight at 9pm.

Speaking about her first meeting with the Hollywood surgeon, Caroline explained how Dr Rey had asked her if she had had any procedure to make her lips fuller.

"I never felt so conscious in my life, because he was scanning every inch of me," Caroline revealed.

"He asked me had I had anything done to my lips and I said, 'You of all people should know I've had nothing done'."

Caroline also revealed how Dr Rey had spoken to her about potential cosmetic surgery.

"He did advise me to inject Botox into my forehead," she said.

"But I was like, 'Eh thanks, but you're alright.'

"I don't have a problem with lines and, anyway, I want to be an actor and have the ability to express my emotions on my face.


"Thankfully, he didn't tell me I needed to be Lipo-ed.

"I don't want to be an LA Valley girl, which obviously involves getting some kind of plastic surgery. It's the norm for a lot of them."