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icon had no love for irish food or heritage

JACKIE Kennedy had no fondness for her husband's Irish background or his taste in food.

In a 1964 interview, only a year after the death of John F Kennedy, former first lady Jackie admitted that she was not a fan of traditional Irish stew: "French food is a plus instead of a minus -- that you don't stay in the kitchen all day making Irish stew."

Jackie -- pictured inset with Eamon de Valera in Dublin -- mocked her husband's inner circle, and commented on JFK's Catholic religion and how he prayed every night: "There seems to be all these Irish -- they always seem to have a persecution thing about them.

"There was the Irish mafia ... who now, some of them at the least, the Irish, are so bitter about everyone else."

The revelations come after the release of a new book on the fashion icon.