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I would marry 40 times to get it right, says twice-divorced Katie

Katie Price has told how she would be prepared to tie the knot another "40 times" despite two failed marriages.

The former glamour model and TV star, who is plugging her new reality show, said that she was not put off the concept.

She told BBC Radio 5 Live's Richard Bacon: "It could take me nine times, 20 times, until I find the right one -- or 40 actually. I'm not put off marriage."

The star, who arrived 45 minutes late for the radio interview and missed a planned appearance on TV yesterday because she was "stuck in traffic", said she was putting her relationships with Peter Andre and Alex Reid behind her.

She denied she was dating a friend of boxer Amir Khan and said of her new squeeze Leandro Penna: "We're just getting to know each other. We get on well. We'll just see what happens."

Price said she would like to teach pupils about fame, a subject she knows a lot about, in schools.

She said: "If I could have it my way I would go to schools ... and say it's not all it's meant to be. The plastic surgery, the fame ... it's not as glamorous as it looks."