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I won't starve myself for TV job, insists new mum Anna

TV PRESENTER Anna Daly is set to return to our screens -- just three months after giving birth.

The 33-year-old telly host -- who welcomed son James into the world in August -- is gearing up to get back into the studio.

However, she insists she won't be stressing to slim down to her pre-pregnancy body.

The new mum is set to resume her slot on the National Lottery in November, and told the Herald she's not going to kill herself for the cameras.

"I'm keeping active by doing yoga twice a week and I'm trying to get out walking everyday, but I'm not going to starve myself to get back in shape. Ultimately, it takes your body months to recover and shrink back to what it was, it takes time.

"It's only a few hours each week so that'll ease me back in to work and keep me in contact with the news room," said the Templeogue-native, who added that she is spending a lot of time in her 'comfy clothes' while in between wardrobes.

She said: "I'm wearing lounge clothes -- it's an awkward time at the moment because you don't have a bump but you're nowhere near fitting into your old jeans."

Anna and husband Ben Ward have just returned from their first family holiday with James, after spending a relaxing couple of weeks in Portugal -- where they married in 2008.

"It was the quietest holiday we've ever taken but very special all the same," revealed the broadcaster. "I was nervous bringing James on the flight -- I've seen plenty of mums with screaming babies on flights before and felt so sorry for them. But he was great, he literally slept in my arms the whole way," said the blonde beauty, who will enjoy another few months of maternity leave before returning to the Ireland AM team.

"I go back in February, so Ben and I will have to plan a schedule because the hours are obviously very early. My mum Ann has offered to take James full time while I'm at the office, so that will really give me flexibility.

"A creche in TV3 is what they need to look at, maybe I need to bring it up," she joked.

Anna, who lives in Stepaside, is one of many on the TV3 team to embrace motherhood over the past 12 months and said she was delighted to hear the pregnancy news of pal Sybil Mulcahy.