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'I won't rule out cosmetic surgery', admits Pfeiffer


 STUBBORN: Michelle Pfeiffer turned down top roles

STUBBORN: Michelle Pfeiffer turned down top roles

STUBBORN: Michelle Pfeiffer turned down top roles

Actress Michelle Pfeiffer says she will not rule out cosmetic surgery as she tries to come to terms with ageing.

Pfeiffer, 55, has been a mainstay on the Hollywood scene for 30 years, since her breakout in Scarface in 1983.

Now a mum of two, Pfeiffer admits her loss of youth and beauty has "played havoc" with her psyche.

"There is certainly a mourning process to that," she told Stella Magazine.

"But, you know, it's kind of liberating.

"I don't need to look younger than I am, because it ain't gonna change anything."

However, Pfeiffer said that did not necessarily mean she would not go under the knife. "I used to think I would never have surgery but it's really hard to say never," she said.

"I'm in the 'never say never' camp now."


Pfeiffer also spoke about her path to Hollywood, which involved meeting a couple, who were "kind of personal trainers".

The actress said the couple forced her onto a vegetarian diet and thought people in their highest state were "breatharian".

It was only while helping ex-husband Peter Horton research the Moonies cult for a film role when she realised she was in a cult herself, she said.

The popular actress also admitted her stubbornness had prevented her career from reaching even greater heights.

She turned down Pretty Woman, Thelma & Louise, Silence of the Lambs, Basic Instinct and Sleepless in Seattle, which all went on to become major blockbusters.

Pfeiffer features in mob film The Family, which is out on November 22.