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I won't preach at Lourdes to follow my lead - Madonna

Chart queen Madonna said her teenage daughter Lourdes has no plans to follow in her footsteps as a performer.

The superstar said her talented 15-year-old was still not entirely sure in which area she would make a career.

Madonna said she would not push her on any particular path -- the choice would be her own.

She said: "I don't think she wants to follow -- she doesn't want to be me. I think she wants to be herself.

"And she can do many things, she can play the piano, she can dance, she can sing. But I don't think she really knows what she wants to do and I'm not going to push her in any direction, I want her to come to that organically."

Lourdes has already added her backing vocals to her mother's recent album MDNA, on the track Superstar.

Madonna also said that, despite being highly driven in her career, her advisers are frustrated that work sometimes takes a back seat to her family.

"I mean, it's always a juggling act," she said.


"Right now I'm working quite a lot so sometimes, often -- to the irritation of my manager -- I say no to things.

"I should be out promoting my record a lot more but if I do that, then I have no free time with my children, so I have to make sacrifices."