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I won't miss critics, says Craig as he quits RTE talk show

PRESENTER Craig Doyle has revealed his RTE chat show will not be returning to TV screens next year.

But the 40-year-old says it his own decision that the final Craig Doyle Show on December 12 will be his last.

"No we won't be back in January, or in September, when we started this year, but it's been a great experience working with the great team," he said.

Hosting live rugby on ITV in 2013, presenting a new racing car reality show, GT Academy, on ITV, and preparations for the Rugby World Cup in 2015 will keep the Enniskerry man busy in the UK next year.

The father-of-four says: "I came very close last summer when I was in talks to do a sports chat show in Britain. The producers ran into budget problems, but it's still something I'd like to do."


The former BBC presenter believes his Irish TV experience should stand to him trying to get a chat show off the ground in the UK.

"I've learned so much, like how to relax and be natural. Because when I started our first incarnation on RTE with The Social, I was trying too hard. It didn't really work until I relaxed and started having fun with it," he said.

TV critics are unlikely to shed any tears for the demise of the Craig Doyle Show, which has taken a lot of flak.

"I won't miss the Irish critics and they won't miss me, but some of the bad reviews have toughened me up for the UK press."