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I won't join Tubs at BBC, says supermum Miriam

MIRIAM O'Callaghan won't be following Ryan Tubridy to the BBC, she has declared. The Prime Time presenter insisted she won't be taking on a summer stint in the Beeb like her fellow RTE broadcaster Tubs.

Miriam (51) said: "I like being at home, I don't really like to be away ... I actually came from the BBC. I spent 10 years there.

"I was poached from them to go to RTE, I don't have that desire to go back.

"I love RTE, I've always loved it and I'll continue to love it," added the chatty presenter.

She may have been voted Mum of the Year, but the anchor admitted that Mother's Day will be just another Sunday for her.

"I barely knew it was Mother's Day," said Miriam, who insisted that she won't be getting spoilt.

"The day sells cards, but apart from that it's just nice to take a moment. I don't want anything for myself. I don't want any gifts. Some cold toast is nice and tea with about 25 spoons of sugar, that's what I normally get," she divulged.

"The kids will probably bring me up cold breakfast, but that's fine ... I will buy something nice for my mother, she's my role model."

Miriam will be continuing her family tradition of having her own mother over to celebrate the day.

"She'll come to dinner in our house with all my kids and our family."

Speaking at the launch of Down Syndrome Ireland's annual motorcycle fundraising campaign 'Rev-up 4 DSI' yesterday, the RTE veteran joked about her excitement to be crowned Ireland's best mum, according to a poll undertaken by card company P&G.

"I've never heard of the poll, but hey, I'm delighted, [to be] top role model in Ireland," she said.