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I won't be the new Anne Doyle, says TV3's Siobhan

REPORTER Siobhan Bastible has revealed she would be "very flattered" to be offered RTE veteran Anne Doyle's job, but is enjoying more and more opportunities at TV3.

The 33-year-old, who is one of the Ballymount station's top news presenters, told the Herald it would be extremely difficult for anyone to fill the legendary broadcaster's shoes.

"I don't think I could be a replacement for Anne, she's so well loved by the public. I'm not hoping to step into her role, I'd obviously be very flattered to be considered, but there's a pecking order in RTE of people who've been there a while and who deserve to get the job," Siobhan said.

"I haven't really thought about a move to RTE, there's more chance and flexibility in TV3."

Siobhan, who hails from Sandycove, lives in Island Bridge, near Phoenix Park, with her partner and colleague of seven years Ronan McIntyre (34).

Siobhan, who bought the home she shares with TV3 cameraman McIntyre during the height of the boom in 2006, admits the pair have discussed renting to pay back the steep mortgage.

And although the Dubliner is in a happy relationship with her partner, she has insisted that she has no plan on joining the presenter baby boom.

"I had heard Paddy Power have bets on me now to get pregnant because so many of my colleagues are expecting or have just had babies," she said.