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I won't be quitting Assets, vows Michele ...well, I live with the boss

BUCKS Townhouse hostess Michele McGrath (25) has hit back at claims that she may be leaving Assets.

The well-known beauty is the latest model being linked with a possible move to Andrea Roche's rival company.

Over the past year, the former Miss Ireland has signed up a number of Assets' most lucrative models including Georgia Salpa, Rosanna Davison, Pippa O'Connor and Rozanna Purcell.

However, Michele has said she has no intention of following in her pretty pals' footsteps and jumping ship too.

"There's no chance I'm going anywhere. I've been with Assets for eight years and I have always had a great relationship with them so there's no plans to go elsewhere.

"I understand the other girls going because that's just business at the end of the day but people move agencies all the time. I don't really see what the big deal is.

"I suppose it's because some of the girls who left would have a high profile but I'm definitely staying put. I'm happy where I am."

The Dubliner, who took part in RTE's ICA Bootcamp last year, went on to explain how she actually lives with Assets agency boss Courtney O'Hara so the pair have always been close. The club hostess is just back in Dublin after having a few fun-filled weeks abroad in Ibiza and Italy. She also had a happy reunion with her other half, Welsh rugby player Mark Siddons. "We went over to Sicily for a few days which was absolutely gorgeous. It's good to back to work though, the club's really busy at the moment," she said.

Panto star Michele and hunky Mark have been dating for two years but have been commuting between Italy and Ireland as they keep up their long-distance romance.

Things were made even trickier over the summer after Mark headed down-under to play for an Aussie team but he's now in Europe and lining out for his usual team, SS Lazio.