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I won't be letting my roots get me down -- mum-to-be Aisling

MUM-to-be Aisling O'Loughlin has vowed not to ditch her blonde locks now that she's pregnant with her first baby.

In fact the glamorous Xpose presenter is nowadays sporting an even lighter look after dying her short locks platinum blonde.

Aisling (32) told the Herald that after months of lightening treatments, she is now at her desired shade thanks to her colleague Barbara Dargan, head of hair and make-up at TV3, who looks after her colour.

The showbiz reporter is also working a new short cropped look, which she had done at Reds salon on Dawson Street.

And while Aisling's tresses were looking exceptionally white when she debuted the new look on air on Xpose, the chatty star is adamant it was just down to the lighting in the studio.

According to the presenter: "It was a bit grey looking but it was just the studio lights.

"The colour seemed to be a bit off in studio for some reason. It's platinum blonde now, as light as I can possibly go.

"I've also had Alan Bruton from Reds chop it for me. It's shorter at the back and a bit longer at the front.

"I'm always changing my hair, I think it's a girl's prerogative.

"I've been pretty blonde for a while now. The roots are killing me slowly, they're all I see when I look in the mirror but Barbara assures me that's the look that's in at the moment.

"They do say you should be careful when getting the colour done when you're pregnant not to inhale it.

"I have been letting it go a bit longer in between each session since I found out I was pregnant but you couldn't possibly go the whole nine months without getting it done," she added.

The popular TV3 star, who is now in her second semester of pregnancy, says her bump is steadily growing.

Aisling admits she is now lucky to have passed the morning sickness stage and says she's been having a smooth pregnancy to date.

The chatty broadcaster is expecting the baby with her partner Nicholas MacInnes and announced the news to her colleagues last month.

The Co Clare native missed out on Oxegen at the weekend.

Instead, she was taking it easy while her TV3 colleagues Lisa Cannon and Glenda Gilson reported on the festivities.