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I won't be doing a Joe and telling my story in book, says private Ryan

LATE Late Show presenter Ryan Tubridy (38) may put celebrities under the spotlight -- but he won't be revealing his own story anytime soon.

The notoriously-private presenter has ruled out ever "doing a Joe" and following in some of some of his RTE colleagues footsteps by bringing out a tell-all autobiography about his life.

"That's something I would never do. I'm just very protective about these things, boringly so. A book wouldn't be for me," he said.


Speaking about Joe Duffy's new release Just Joe, he added: "I love Joe. He's the kind of guy you look forward to seeing coming towards your desk and saying 'any news?' and someone you trade stories with.

"He's always good for a few sceals. We have the same bosses and work in the same general area.

"He's been very good to me since Gerry Ryan died, he's become important as somebody there as a peer. We have got a little bit closer.

"I haven't read it all yet because I have to read three books on the go in any given week, but it's brutally honest. I think it's going to be an interesting Christmas in the Duffy household! It is fair and it's a good story."

He also revealed how he no longer reacts to the criticism he receives and that he's determined not to let it drag him down.

The Late Late Show host has received decidedly mixed reviews since returning for a new season with the flagship programme.

But the separated dad-of-two said he's determined not to let the detractors impact on him.

He said: "I don't mind the criticism at this stage.

"I think I'm getting older now and I know that sounds strange, but I just don't mind it anymore.

"If I worried about it all the time, I would be a wreck. It's my job and I love it and I just have to keep doing it.

"I'm not going looking for plaudits or pity or respect or any of that. I just have to keep doing my job and I really enjoy it, actually."


Last night saw him interviewing guests like best-selling author Cecelia Ahern, alongside Ocean Colour Scene and Joe Duffy.

He has admitted how many of his guests are very familiar to him at this point in his career.

"I'm meeting guests again, which some people see as a criticism but I just see it as a chat-show fact of life.

"I'm enjoying meeting them again. It's like your living room when they come on. I say 'I haven't seen you in a while, sit down'. I'm really enjoying myself," he added.