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I was so nervous before I stepped on stage, but now I'm loving panto

The Christmas panto has basically taken over my life for the past few weeks but I'm absolutely loving it.

I took it easy last weekend so I'd be nice and refreshed for the show but, like everyone else, I had to tune in and watch the final of The X Factor.

I thought Nicole Scherzinger looked amazing -- I have a bit of a girl crush on her, I must admit. I was delighted James Arthur won and I loved his rendition of Let's Get It On. I'm seeing him in a whole new light now after that.

We had our press call for the panto last Monday at the Tivoli Theatre and that was the first time all the cast posed for pics in our full costumes, so it was great fun. I play the part of the Good Queen and our first preview show was on Wednesday.


To say I was nervous would be the understatement of the year. I was trying to take deep breaths and keep calm but Niamh Kavanagh and Molly Lynch were actually holding my hands telling me I was going to be fine. What was making me more jittery was that I'm in the opening sequence of the show so I literally heard, '10 minutes Nadia and then you're on' and my nerves were all over the place.

Then once I got out on stage, it went great. It's a great buzz adrenalin-wise and even if you make a small mistake, you just keep going and you can almost guarantee that no one in the audience even noticed it.

I had started to relax a bit by the second show on Wednesday and am starting to enjoy it a bit more. The highlight for me was singing the Take That song Rule The World and I could hear all the children singing along with it and that was amazing. I am tired as the show takes up a lot of energy as you're constantly bouncing around the stage. But I'm making sure to go to the gym every morning before I go in, and that's helping me a lot.

I'm also managing to squeeze in a few modelling jobs in between rehearsals but once the show starts on December 18, I'll cut them out to concentrate on the panto.

I also filmed something for RTE's Republic of Telly. This time, I wasn't dressed up in any dominatrix gear for some 50 Shades Of Grey scene -- instead we were filming their end of season party. It was brilliant fun, the lads are such a laugh and brilliant to work with.

We have our Assets agency Christmas party at Buck's Townhouse this evening. There is a misconception that a lot of the models don't get on but we've all known each other a long time and the party's always a good laugh.

The Cheerios panto Snow White & The Adventures Of Sammy Sausages runs in the Tivoli Theatre from December 18