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I was so lucky to have a happy childhood, says Kylie

Kylie Minogue described how lucky she felt to have had a happy childhood as she attended the premiere of a film about an abused boy.

The pop princess, who was wearing a feather-adorned black dress, attended the premiere of The Kid in London's West End to support Britain's National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

"I have been one of their ambassadors -- a very proud one -- since 2003," the Australian singer said.

"The work the NSPCC does is incredible, in comparison to some of the stories they deal with I feel like I fell from heaven with the childhood I had. I will give any help that I can to raise awareness -- especially for the NSPCC helpline -- that is just so important for people to know about."

The film, which has a 15 certificate, is based on the book by Kevin Lewis about his childhood experiences of being bullied at school, and beaten and starved by his parents.

A NSPCC spokesman said: "The NSPCC believes The Kid is a compelling, emotional and ultimately uplifting film that shows how a child with the right help can triumph over abuse, and go on to have a happy, fulfiled life.

"The charity hopes that every adult who watches the film understands how vital it is to speak up if they are worried about a child."