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I was so fat I hid from my husband -- slimmer Carey

MARIAH Carey put on so much weight when she was pregnant with twins that she says she used to hide her body from husband Nick Cannon.

But the Grammy-winning singer has now dropped more than 30lbs and has a new job promoting US weight-loss company Jenny.

Carey (42) joined the weight-loss programme in late July just three months after giving birth to her first children, twins Moroccan and Monroe.

"I had a lot of issues," Carey said of her pregnancy, which induced high blood pressure and diabetes. "I cooked soul food for Nick through my entire pregnancy," she added.

The first-time mum told a news conference she felt so large at the end of her pregnancy that she avoided learning her weight.

"You see those pictures," she said of the photographs of herself before giving birth in April. "Would you want to know?"

At her heaviest, Carey was so insecure she even wore a towel to cover her body in the bathtub. "You think I would let Nick see me looking rancid like that?" she asked with a laugh.

Twirling for reporters in a red, fitted vintage Halston dress, she said she would like to see herself looking as she did in the music video for her 2008 hit Touch My Body.

"I'm not there, but I'm trying to get there," she said.

Carey is the latest celebrity to become a spokeswoman for Jenny, following stars such as Kirstie Alley.