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I was in heels, not designer wellies -- Emma fumes at Blathnaid's farm show jibes

MISS Ireland Emma Waldron has hit back at Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh, who suggested that the model was too high maintenance while filming ICA bootcamp.

The red-haired presenter, who hosted the series, said the beauty queen was in no way prepared to handle the gritty jobs of herding livestock and cooking in the kitchen when she started the RTE competition.

"She arrived down in An Grianan looking very groomed. Designer wellingtons? It makes no difference when there's cow**** on them," Blathnaid said in an interview.

But Emma (22) told the Herald that she was more than willing to get down and dirty for all the tasks, just as much as the other celebs.

"It's not fair, I don't even own a pair of designer wellies. Apparently she said I also broke a nail but that never happened," Emma said. "You can't just write someone off saying they are a certain way, I'm completely not like that. I consider myself very down to earth, and not at all afraid to muck in.

"I feel like I've been pigeoned holed to look a certain way, I'm dying to see how it was edited."

The Celbridge beauty added that she was afraid she would be stereotyped. The student teacher says she was red-faced when she turned up to the first day of filming on the country farm, wearing a pair of high-heels.

"I was afraid that I was going to be stereotyped, we weren't told what we would be doing first. I presumed we would just be filmed and asked if we were excited about the competition. So I just had on a T-shirt, skinny jeans and high-heels, everyone was saying where's she going in those heels, but I didn't know. They were all laughing at me."

The show, which starts on August 16, will follow four different groups of celebrities battling it out on a farm, slicing up dead animals, feeding livestock and dress-making, to raise funds for their charity.

Joining Emma on her team is Mr World Kamal Ibrahim, 98FM presenter Siobhan O'Connor and Dickie Rock. Although she says the foursome got on like a house on fire, the beauty queen says other groups didn't get on so well.

"I heard that people in the other episodes didn't get on that well, I heard that there was major drama," she revealed. The slender brunette also admitted to breaking down in tears several times during filming as she is an avid animal lover and was forced to take apart a dead animal she had spent time with on the farm.

"We were given a part of an animal, whole, with blood gushing out of it, and we were told to make a meal out of it for the judges in 40 minutes. I just burst into tears because the day before we had been in the field with them rounding them up.

"I turned away from everyone because I didn't want the cameras to see me crying," she revealed.