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I was gutted to miss show, but stand-in was amazing - Nadia

She's not behind you.

There was drama backstage at the Tivoli Theatre when model Nadia Forde missed the curtain call.

Nadia, who plays a ditzy fairy in The Cheerios panto Jack and The Beanstalk, was unable to make it to the theatre in time, leaving producers scrambling to find a replacement fairy.

The sultry star had been working in Belfast in the morning and had left plenty of time to get back to Dublin for the panto performance.


But due to poor weather conditions and an accident on the road, she was delayed. "I was gutted to miss the show," Nadia told the Herald.

"Something like that has never happened to me before so I was very upset."

To make matters worse Nadia's understudy had the evening off and couldn't make the show.

Producers Alan Hughes and Karl Broderick began a frantic search for a replacement. But the show must go on and thankfully, the show's musical director Ross O'Connor managed to enlist the help of his wife Elaine Hearty.

Actress Elaine threw on a pair of fairy wings and stole the show.

"Our usual stand-in was unfortunately not available," producer Hughes said.

"But all was not lost as our musical director Ross O'Connor's wife, Elaine Hearty, dashed to the theatre to step into Nadia's shoes just in time to save the night.

"The audience loved the show and Elaine got a great reaction from the crowd."

And Nadia was delighted Elaine was available to sprinkle some magic fairy dust around the stage.

"I was lucky that Elaine stepped in at the last minute and did an amazing job," she said.

Nadia made it to the theatre as the cast took their final bow and congratulated Elaine on her performance. And Nadia is looking forward to storming the stage for the rest of the run.

After she finishes the panto Nadia will be heading back to LA to finish shooting a reality TV show.