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I was exhausted ... I didn't feel drunk, says tipsy celeb diner Pippa

TOP model Pippa O'Connor has defended her tipsy antics on Come Dine With Me and is blaming the cocktails for her hilarious behaviour.

'Tipsy Pipsy' (28) enjoyed her first taste of Pimm's on the TV3 show in last night's episode and viewers saw the newlywed fumble her words when trying to say 'assess' and 'pronunciation' at the dinner table.

The leggy catwalk queen told the Herald that she "wasn't embarrassed at all" by her cringey display at former WAG Holly Sweeney's tennis and golf themed party and doesn't take herself too seriously.


"Oh my God, it was very funny, I was laughing at myself ... It was such a long night and I think it was exhaustion more than anything else. I'd had a long day at work and the filming too. That was the first time I'd had Pimm's, which Holly made for me -- I only had two, they were gorgeous -- but were laced with alcohol, obviously," she laughed.

"I didn't drink much wine consciously, because I was wrecked ... I wasn't hungover the next day at all, I got home at about 3am but I didn't feel drunk."

Pippa admitted that she was inundated with fans commenting on her social networking site after the episode aired, jokingly teasing her about her saying "assessiate" on national TV.

"People were just saying it was funny and that they were willing me on to get it out of my mouth ... there was no real slagging."

Hubby Brian has yet to watch the programme.

"He was away in London, so he hasn't seen it yet. I told him about it," she laughed.

While Rory McIlroy's ex Holly held her culinary night in a rented apartment, Pippa wanted to host her event at her real home.

The Dubliner, who married former kids TV presenter Brian Ormond last year, is looking forward to catching up with her fellow diners over a meal hosted by VIP magazine's Michael O'Doherty tomorrow night.

"I haven't had a Pimm's since that night ... Maybe I'll try another then," she joked.

Tonight's instalment of the Ballymount series sees publisher MOD display his talents in the kitchen -- but the others fail to comply with a smart dress code.

The diners, including Shane Byrne, and Madeline Mulqueen, show up at MOD's pad in their tracksuits and pyjamas.