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I was ashamed at Wonderland split - Leigh

WONDERLAND beauty Leigh Learmont has revealed she felt "ashamed" after the chart-topping band was suddenly dropped.

And she said she just stayed in bed at her parents' house in Donaghmede as she tried to come to terms with it.

Going from performing to 80,000 fans in Croke Park in 2010 to having to move back home was a huge adjustment for her, she reveals.

Breaking her silence for the first time, the bubbly brunette said: "You are a little bit ashamed. You feel like you've let your family and friends down because they have expectations of you being in a band and then it's all gone.

"But you have to think, 'it's my life, everyone else has their own life to deal with and no-one's focusing on me'.

"When I first got home, I literally spent the first few weeks in bed in my parents' house, thinking about what I was going to do. My mum was like 'get out of that bed you and get yourself going'.

"Thank God for family and friends or you'd just end up going into a depression. It's been really hard but the last few weeks, small things like joining Asset agency has really lifted my spirits."

Made up of Leigh, Kasey Smith, Sharon Condon, Jodi Albert and Corrina Durran after a nationwide talent search, there was huge shock among their fans when they were axed last month.

And when gorgeous Leigh first got the news from co-manager Kian Egan that Mercury records was letting them go, it was a bombshell.

"Kian rang me that morning and I was on my own in the apartment in London and when he told me, I just burst into tears.

"He said 'I've got some really bad news' and I couldn't believe it."

She added: "The few weeks prior to finding out, things were quieter. Before that, we didn't have a day off for months, we were hectic and then it all went quiet.

"We could feel it coming but we never thought it would happen so soon. We thought we might have got a bit longer to prove ourselves."

And she's adamant that Jodi Albert's pregnancy had nothing to do with the split.

"In my heart of hearts, I honestly don't believe that," she said.