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I was alone and doing drugs at 19

COMEDIAN Des Bishop has revealed more details of how he battled drink and drugs as a teenager.

The In The Name Of The Fada star has admitted that he ended up alone at the age of 19, after an intense experience with alcohol and drugs tarnished his adolescence.

The 35-year-old has revealed details about what he went through in years of drink and drug abuse, while attending St Peter's Secondary school in Co Wexford -- after his family sent him to the Irish school at 14 -- following an expulsion.

"My mother thought that I was f***ed and that Ireland was a safer place for me," Bishop said, confessing that he was in a state of disarray following a battle with alcoholism from an early age.

"I had a very quick but intense journey with drugs -- while booze caused me the most drama, drugs caused the most internal anguish."

"By the age of 19, I was alone -- I was taking drugs on my own, drinking on my own -- I was a binger."

Clean and sober since July 15, 1995, Bishop has even admitted to beating up his friend while drunk and stealing from his classmates in his stupor.

"I included that story about my friend in the book because I realised, I'm only 17 but I have a genuine problem," he confessed, adding that he signed up to his local AA meeting in the summer of his 18th birthday, determined to get back on track.

"AA gives you a language -- it gives you a way of interacting with each other that would have been different to before.

"It encourages much more honesty between individuals and it encourages you to have a closer relationship with men -- my dad and I had that in common," said Bishop, who has just released his new book My Dad Was Nearly James Bond.

"My father also stopped being this non-presence in my life... we suddenly had a relationship where there had been none," he concluded.

The funnyman is set to host an exclusive party to launch his father-son memoir tonight, after appearing on RTE's The Late Late Show last weekend.