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JESSIE WALLACE is planning on watching her wedding flowers die.

The EastEnders star had flowers worth €3,500 delivered to her home yesterday after she cancelled her wedding reception.

Wallace saw red and jilted her bridegroom Vince Morse after he sent intimate picture messages of her to his ex-girlfriend Karen Short.

A close pal of the bride, who is being besieged with calls and texts from her former fiance, says she is threatening to call police if he doesn't stop harassing her.

"Jessie has had enough and told him she will call the police and report him for harassment if he carries on. She wants nothing more to do with him.

"She is so angry she wanted all the wedding flowers so she could watch them die. To her, Vince is as dead as the flowers."

The actress was reportedly battling it out last night with Morse over €21,500 worth of goods ordered for their lavish reception.

More than €18,000 worth of alcohol was ordered to be delivered to Wallace's Surrey home yesterday, and to the home of catering boss Morse.

Both Wallace and Morse are both demanding that the expensive alcohol be sent to them, so that it doesn't go to waste.

This latest squabble comes after 39-year-old Wallace abruptly called off her 350-guest big day on finding out about the photo messages Morse sent to Karen Short.

Morse and Short broke up in 2005, but appear to have been in contact recently, with the businessman telling his ex that he had doubts about his engagement and even suggesting they should run away together.

However, former flame Short has hit out at allegations that she is a home-wrecker.

"I just want people to know I didn't set out to be a home wrecker. If I was her [Jessie], I'd have wanted to know the truth."

Meanwhile, Wallace has been confiding in co-star Shane Richie (inset) -- her on-screen hubby -- about the bust-up.

A pal has revealed that Wallace will not reconcile with her partner of almost a year.

"Jessie is unlikely to take Vince back. Once she has made her mind up there's no turning back."

The Londoner has taken the couple's honeymoon tickets for herself and daughter six-year-old Tallulah to relax.

The ceremony, due to be held in a London hotel, was cancelled on Sunday at 9am, only hours before it was set to start.