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I want to raise children in Ireland, says star Chris... if wife Dawn will agree

IRISH actor Chris O'Dowd would like to raise his future family in Ireland -- if his journalist wife Dawn Porter can be convinced to settle down here.

Bridesmaids star Chris married Dawn in August and although they have yet to discuss children, he told the Herald that were it to happen, he would like to rear his family in Ireland.

"Maybe, I like the idea of it. But somebody might need to be convinced," he said.

"We're trying not to talk about settling down yet. I think I've scared her enough," he added.

Chris is filming in Dublin for a new dark comedy called Calvary, which stars Brendan Gleeson, Dylan Moran and Pat Shortt.


He has also been spending a lot of time is his hometown of Boyle in Roscommon for the filming of his hit TV comedy Moone Boy.

O'Dowd co-wrote the show and it's loosely based on his own childhood.

In it he plays 12-year-old Sean's imaginary friend, Martin Moone.

The newlywed said he might create a special part in the show for Dawn in the third series.

"Like an English teacher or something. Who knows? Let's see how she behaves," he joked. With his success keeping him busy filming in the UK and the US in recent years, Chris said he has really enjoyed working at home over the past few months.

"There was probably about six or seven years when I was only here for Christmas and to celebrate religious occasions. So being here for a stretch now has been nice.

"You properly get to see people and sometimes you can kind of feel like a tourist in your own country when you're only coming back for a little bit. So it hasn't felt like that, it's been nice."


But the rising star will be heading Stateside again in two weeks to begin filming for a new HBO series Family Tree.

Chris plays the lead role of Tom, a man who is down and out after losing his girlfriend and his job until a box of belongings left to him by his great aunt leads him to investigate his family's heritage.

O'Dowd clearly can't stand to be separated from Dawn for long periods -- and he's hopeful she can join him on location.