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I want to join a rock band – Kian

Voice of Ireland star Kian Egan is looking forward to a return to his rock roots.

While the Sligo native spent 14 years travelling the world and scoring 14 pop No1s with Westlife, he says his heart lies in rock music.

The 33-year-old has ruled out following ex-band member Shane Filan as a solo singer, but his next time on stage could be in a rock band.

"I am still in music, but I'm not doing it in a way that's like 'Here is my record'," Kian told the Herald.

"Music for me is being able to pick up my guitar and sing every day, which I do, even though it's not in public.

"Saying that, you could see me on stage with a rock band by next year. It would be for fun, but something organic, where I did a gig and then a record came from that."

The dad to 16-month-old Koa has backed Shane Filan to go all the way after signing a solo deal with UK label London Records earlier this month.

The 33-year-old filed for bankruptcy in the UK in 2012 after his property business collapsed and Kian says that he deserves everything that comes his way after a tough year.

"I'm confident that Shane will do well. No matter what he goes through, you can't take his voice away from him. It's absolutely outstanding."



While he backs Shane, Kian says going it alone as a solo artist would place too much pressure on his shoulders after Westlife's success.

"I would never say never. But for me, coming out and making a record and an album just out of Westlife is very serious, I think.

"You're going to be scrutinised and have people looking at you because you're always going to have that success to compare it to."

It is a busy time for the boys post-Westlife, with Nicky Byrne announcing this week that he and wife Georgina are expecting their third child.

Kian and wife Jodi Albert won't be following their lead any time soon, however, as they are too busy concentrating on work projects.