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I want to be a top model, says rugby legend's daughter

THE daughter of rugby legend Mick Doyle has set her sights on becoming the next Irish supermodel.

Emma Louise Doyle is doing her late father proud as she prepares to become Ireland's most notable catwalk queen.

The 22-year-old, who lost her dad eight years ago, is garnering attention in the modelling industry and knows Mick would have been her biggest supporter.

"I think he would've liked that I'm modelling, he wasn't a wallflower at all so he would not have wanted me to be either," Emma told the Herald.

A student at NCAD, the Nicole Kidman look-a-like wants to champion high fashion instead of going down the press-call route.

"I want to stay true to me and not go down the commercial side -- I'll take it as far as I can and I'm ready to commit to it full-time," she told the Herald.

"I love Lily Cole because she's a red head too -- she is so doll like with her beautiful pale skin and she's strangely wonderful.

"I definitely aspire to be the next Erin O'Connor, if that happens it would be wonderful."

Emma's famous father, a popular Ireland and Lions player as well as a Triple Crown coach, died tragically in a "freak car accident" near Dungannon, in 2004.